Personal Demons (Jason Storm, Monster Hunter Book 1)

Sixteen-year-old Jason Storm has always kept his mysterious powers secret. 
Now they might just get him killed… 

For the last four years Jason has tried to get by like a normal teenager, hiding his strange abilities from everyone – including his two best friends. But when a supernatural creature attacks him at school, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by psychotic monster hunters, secret government agencies, shady scientific institutes and a demon on a murder spree. And they all want a piece of him.

Or they want him dead.

Thrown into a dangerous new world where no-one is who they appear to be, Jason will need more than just his supernatural strength if he wants to end the killings, protect his friends and find out about his missing father. He’ll need to be smart, fast and learn who he can trust. 

But most of all: He’ll need the truth about what he is. 

Pick up ‘Personal Demons’ and join Jason in an action-packed, supernatural thriller as he navigates a dangerous new world where no-one can be trusted and everyone is hiding secrets of their own…