Beautiful Dawn

Michael and Madison have precious little in common. The only thing the two children seem to share is the concern their parents feel over their lack of social skills. As a forced play date between the two unfolds with little success, fate strikes. A radiation wave envelopes most of the world, destroying with it much of the world’s population. The two children who were once at odds now find themselves together alone in the aftermath. Takkuttaname and Vena likewise have seemingly little in common. Vena is a glamorous inhabitant of one of earth’s last remaining cities, Takkoma, while Takkuttaname is an unruly tribe member from the forbidden wilderness. The two are from separate worlds, and yet a chance meeting will bring them together in ways they never would have imagined. As Takkoma’s callous leader seeks to build the city’s population by force, Vena and Takkuttaname must work together to save their people. Beautiful Dawn is the story of two divergent stories that come together in a most unexpected way. Author Justin Trissel brings to life complex characters whose breathtaking journeys leave their mark long after the stories’ completion.

Justin Trissel is an American author from Tacoma, WA. From as early as age four Justin was coming up with ideas for stories, ones that his mother would type down before he even knew how to write. After considering some fifty story ideas over a twenty year period, Justin decided after college to write down a story he spontaneously came up with that he knew would have a perfect ending. Now he brings you his debut novel, Beautiful Dawn.