When Marcus, a brave and gifted Hebrew, is conscripted by King Herod to serve the Roman army of Octavian Augustus Caesar, he excels in his role as a legionnaire and an archer and is quickly promoted to Centurion. After countless slaughter and battles for the Roman Caesar, Marcus longs to return to his beloved Israel and his family. Knowing that desertion will bring the wrath of an empire upon him and his family, Marcus does the only thing he can. He joins the Jewish Zealots who are fighting against Rome’s occupation in a bid to free Israel and reclaim the Temple of their God. But as the force of Rome is brought to bear against the seditious Zealots, it is by that same might that brings with it betrayal, slavery and intense suffering by way of the cross. Dreams are shattered and impossible hopes now rest in the salvation of God and the survival skills of his children. Against the backdrop of the promised Messiah, they fight relentlessly to save each other from an evil empire that threatens to dominate and destroy their homeland. Darkness, violence and corruption are ever present as Marcus must somehow find a way to survive and reunite the pieces of his shattered family. PRAISE FOR ZEALOTS “Spellbinding, intimate, echanting.” “Great story that is well written with surprising twists and turns… Entertaining and inspirational…” “Historical fiction at its best! Zealots will keep you on the edge of your seat…Can’t wait for book two!” “The story was excellent. The characters were exceedingly well drawn and the author really brought history to life, particularly in showing the perspectives of crucified men, slaves and their families. It was a great opportunity to experience Roman occupation through the eyes of everyday citizens and the balance between historical fact and drama was perfect.” https://zealots-zone/