The Stupid Guy: Learn How to Achieve Anything, in 2 Hours or Less

This is not another self-help kind of a book. In fact, this is a no-help kind of a book. Well, that’s not true. This may help someone who’s willing to take challenge and try different things in life. For me, life is all about exploring every opportunity until we find one (or many) to stick to. I wanted to write this book, so my readers don’t make the same mistakes that I have made. I failed in life, a lot. But what came out after those enormous failures made me see the world differently, look at from a higher perspective, become stronger. In this book, I will share what I’ve learned from all those failed attempts, the challenges, struggles and my own journey. Hope this will find someone struggling to get through the day somewhere. I hope applying the same principles will help you in finding your own purpose in life.