Peak Performance!!: Awaken and Achieve

Many books focus on inner purpose or outer purpose yet rarely both in one volume. This book addresses that gap and in an integrated fashion. Learn how to:

  • Live life as a Warrior of Love and Winner of Life
  • Maximize your spiritual and human capacities
  • Be among the top percentile of happy and joyful people
  • Be among the top percentile of highly effective and productive people
  • Master the high-level tools of creativity and manifestation
  • Live authentically with a sound, authentic purpose
  • Develop wellbeing from a holistic body, mind and spirit perspective
  • Improve your life perspective and quality of life
  • Turn on “happy (brain) chemicals”
  • Expand your experiences and beliefs
  • Increase your resilience, grit and mental strength

Strands are brought together from neuroscience, positive psychology, spirituality, personal development and strategic planning. 

Reboot your mind and live a more purposeful, happy and effective life of freedom, love and adventure!