A 10-STEP GUIDE TO EMPATHY, EMPATHY AND YOU, BEING EMPATHIC. Learn Empathic strategies for you and your life and to be more understanding of others

This book is designed to show you how to augment your latent empathy skills in ten easy-to-follow steps. 

You will discover
a) what empathy is all about
b) how to increase it
c) and how to practice it on a day to day basis

None of the steps proposed are difficult or burdensome. In part, this is because we all have an inherent level of empathy. It may simply not have developed, through lack of use in this fast moving society we find ourselves living in.

This book provides also provides strategies to access and develop the empathetic skills that already lie dormant within you. The benefits of your work, personal and social environments are difficult to exaggerate.


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