Dispensary Life: A Survival Guide to Budtending in Cannabis-Legal States

Future Budtenders – Welcome to the guide of your dreams.

If you have ever wondered if the cannabis industry was for you or had questions about how to begin, just open this manual to all the insiders’ knowledge of what it is like to work in marijuana. Dispensary Lifetakes you through a portal of possibilities to Budtenders, Managers and future industry enthusiasts.

Everything is explained throughout the guidebook from rules, regulations to sales tactics and customer service ideas specific to cannabis. Activate your constant learner and open your mind as your tour guide gives you detailed instructions for every step of the way.

Educate yourself and others on marijuana tricks of the trade.


    • Explore what it is like to enter a dispensary in a cannabis legal state and what they offer upon entrance.


    • Find out about THC and CBD products offered within the retail space.


  • Become a true cannabis connoisseur before beginning your future cannabis career.