The Summer of Anguish: Volume 1 of The Four Seasons of Agony

Delve into a collection of poetry by Danny Moss. Open your eyes to the things we as humans walk past each day, open your heart and feel the words. Let the pages turn you away from the stress of your 9-5 job and jump right in; right into the refreshing body of water called; The Summer of Anguish. 

If you are in search for a home, a home for the heart. Rest your mind here, and just know you are not alone. There are those of similar consciousness you just have to look, it’s called the journey. 

“Perception is reality, and by discomfort we grow. It was not until the rose bush was trampled that it realized it’s vines were limitless, we are not confined to the ground like we think. Our growth, it is unbounded, be free.”

“Make your story not exactly worth the read but worth writing. Enjoy each mistake, each pencil stroke”