Navy One

Making good on a promise, US President Margaret Benson embarks with her family on board a US Navy aircraft carrier on what should be an uneventful, two-and-a-half-day trip from Hawaii to California. A few hours into the trip, terrorists take control of the nuclear-powered vessel after overwhelming the crew and the president’s secret service agents. Outgunned, outnumbered, and with her husband already in the hands of the hijackers, the president must evade capture while trying to contact the White House. She must also locate her son inside the massive ship before the hijackers do. With strategic bombers set to erase a suspected nation from the face of the earth, and with time running out, President Benson realizes she’s on her own. She must find the means to outwit the terrorists and save her family and the United States of America. However, all is not as it seems… She must trust her instincts and overcome a lack of trust in her so-far-unreliable son. He may be the only help she gets in preventing World War Three.