How to Represent Yourself in Court: Litigation Advice for Those who Cannot Afford an Attorney

This guide offers a complete overview of how civil litigation works in most United States courthouses and is written by a licensed attorney with years of civil litigation experience. It is laid out in an easy to understand format for anyone who needs to navigate the civil litigation process, but is unable to afford the high cost of an attorney. It includes step by step chapters that cover every major stage of civil litigation, including: 

-Filing a complaint and/or answer;
-Issuing subpoenas, conducting depositions, and engaging in discovery.
-Representing yourself in arbitration and/or trial.
-How to collect on a judgment and garnish wages or bank accounts. 

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, this guide will be indispensable and will ensure you have the knowledge you need to plead your case. This guide can be used in any state, but keep in mind that it provides a general overview of how litigation in civil court. Specific rules and procedures in your particular jurisdiction may vary. 

Yes, you really can represent yourself in court without a lawyer!