The Confederate (Ambrose Saga Book 1)

When the American Civil War ended Confederate officer Robert Ambrose left his fellow soldiers to return to the girl who had haunted his thoughts and dreams for the entirety of the war, but upon arriving home he learned that not only was the cause wrong, so was everything he had hoped to return to. The girl he was to marry was now promised to another, and his former mentor had cheated him. Disillusioned he left his home in River Falls, Georgia for something different: The Colorado Territory of the American West. 

Ambrose soon learned that the West was wild and untamed, and despite his effort to find peace and to create a normal and stable world, something continued to pull him toward death and ruin. While the former Confederate soldier made his way through the treacherous territory of Colorado the girl he thought had been lost to him chose to follow him to the West while facing hazards of her own. While they fight to survive and to find meaning in a dangerous and new place they both learn about themselves while always thinking of the other. But will they find each other in an unfamiliar world that is as inhospitable to love as it is to law and order?