Reptillia: The Beginning

Born to a single mother is granted asylum and settles in Greater Manchester, Abdul-Hakeem Nawabi struggles to assimilate himself within British society. Until he studies the history of the British Empire and his heritage. Empowered by the ‘darker side’ of nature, his experiences help meta-morph a ‘Krypto-Knight’ ideology. But with the rampant rise of the far-right (The Arctic Wolves); and both factions competing for influence and power; where does ‘Reptillia’ fit into all this? What does HE want?!
DISCLAIMER: Philosophical storyline with an intrinsic link between two great religions BUT certain scenes are very violent/graphic!

This story has been drawn from personal experiences of the author and contains historical world-changing events.

The format or style of the writing is written in a particular way for two types of readers. Firstly for the vast majority who simply like to enjoy a good story-line. Finally for those who like to dig a little deeper and find a true meaning behind the text.

If you are of the latter category, you most certainly have an inquisitive mind and perhaps it may benefit you in one way or another. Let your mind wonder beyond the here & now, transcend the spiritual wisdom of the ancients. But before you do that…