Dave Collyn And The Library of the Elves: Magic, adventure, mystery (Dave Collyn Series Seven Books (1-7)) Book 1

Dave Collyn Series (Seven Books) glanbook.com: When tranquility reigned in the ancient, cloudy, and mysterious town of Nedvelyn, the Collyn family, in search of new amusements during a weekend, met with magical and unexpected events in a cabin at Londley Lake, where for the first time, and coming from the light, they saw a strange and small being, which skin radiated a natural glow, and who would become a new member of the family. Years later, that little adventurer, in the company of his brothers Etan and Eduart, would dispute fun Lacrosse matches and would show his strange and almost magical abilities, leaving stunned all spectators and causing some fainting to Mrs. Sara and causing some concerns to Mr. Roy. The group would join Grandfather Etan, a wise man and with a good sense of humor, with whom they would share fun but dangerous adventures, as when they entered the dark room in the Library of the Elves, with a single goal: to maintain the balance of the seal of the three prisms, magical chambers beyond the Lowlands, which protect and maintain the balance between good and evil.