The Defector: Story of a Syrian Fate

Ayman Hasan grows up in Syria.

His childhood is good, at age thirteen he is an attentive student, looking forward to finish school and apply his expertise in computing. Then the war breaks out and Ayman’s life changes forever. Everyday, he, his friends and family must fear for their lives. Ayman witnesses the horrors of war until he makes the decision to flee, leaving his burning home behind.Apart from his experiences in Syria, Ayman documents his dangerous journey as an illegal refugee, being prosecuted in every country he enters. He is under age, still he is determined to find a country where he is safe and can finish his education.

Today, Ayman lives in Germany. He quickly gained his diploma, learned the language and studied computing in Leipzig.By now, he established multiple start-ups in cyber-security and artificial intelligence.From his new home in Germany, he wrote down his story, to share and make aware of what has happened to him and millions of other Syrians.