Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™

The soul of the story;

This is an adventure about a community of people that are as diverse as it comes and how they show varying degrees of aptitude in achieving the goal of being an empowered human that not only change the future for the better for his/her own sake but for those he/she care about!

And here is the body;

We would like to think that we want the best for ourselves. To put away our past and start a new life. To do those things that you just didn’t have time to do. Maybe, you just didn’t appreciate it when you did have the time.

Not that your past life was so bad, but you want your future to be more evolved. Filled with the things you REALLY want to do. Live in a place you love and hang out with those who are on the same journey as you.

Maybe, they are a bit slower than you are.
Some are barely coasting to get to a higher plane. Their lives aren’t less significant, nor yours better. A great discovery is there power in a group, those that are weak may carry the weight of those who appear strong, and move the group in a more positive direction. 

And that is what truly matters.

You’ve got what you worked so long, and hard for….you are successful and well loved. But one “normal” day….

changes your life forever.

Zev Kraft was just that man. He was ready to “settle down” and just enjoy his life as a bit of a loner. To sit back and watch the grass grow so to speak. His hobby turned business was what he needed at this moment in his life. 

That and the love of his quirky friends. Yes, Zev Kraft, the awesome florist that he was, had everything that he needed.

Or did he?