Jimmy Grant~ the odyssey of a newcomer: An Australian Crime Thriller

When Jimmy (Jai Ram Kumar) left the security and comfort of his Indian home for a dream life in Australia, his troubles began. Duped by a friend who promised him a home, his problems rapidly escalate as he finds himself at the bottom of life’s ladder and deeply entrenched with its undesirables. When he at last finds work as a night shift taxi driver and shares an apartment with a mysterious transgender named Theo, things look set to improve. However, one wrong decision sees his life spiralling terribly out of control. 
Jimmy Grant is the journey through a series of dreadful events, beginning with a joke that goes wrong, resulting in being on the run across Australia as a fugitive, carrying drugs in a stolen taxi. Jimmy is held at gunpoint by a dangerous punk girl named Sheila, and the two find themselves travelling together with a demented old Romanian man (Grant).
Like all great crime novels, the reader is taken on a remarkable adventure of twists and turns through an unforgiving and brutal Australian Outback, meeting Aboriginal Elders, and trying to piece together information given by Grant regarding a buried treasure; that no one is certain exists. 
A captivating, stay-up-all-night, crime fugitive thriller where only a miracle can help them. But will it come?