MAN OF THE SEA: Heaven's Gate

MAN OF THE SEA: Heaven’s Gate

For decades, a string of grisly, unsolved murders has devastated the Florida Keys. Sailors whisper tales of a pitiless seafarer known only as The Man of the Sea who prowls the nearby waters, carving his hostages into fishing bait before ebbing back into the shadows. Authorities have never found any trace of him, but the death toll continues to rise.
In the aftermath of a family tragedy, brothers Silas and Joe head to the Keys in search of a fresh start. Despite the local legends, things seem to finally be turning around for the brothers and their new fishing business. But as the clouds start to darken over their sun-soaked paradise, they realize that their troubles are far from over.
Meanwhile, newly minted millionaire Billie has just settled into a relaxing Caribbean vacation when her yacht is attacked and she becomes stranded on a remote island known as “Heaven’s Gate.” The very limits of her cunning and grit are tested as she fights to survive in this picturesque but deadly place, unarmed and alone – for now.
Embark on a nonstop tropical adventure that weaves lush scenery, gripping narrative, and unforgettable characters into a story that will keep you tearing through pages toward the thrilling conclusion.