Grimmack the Goblin

Mixing goblins and magic can get you into hot water, but that doesn’t stop everyone from doing it.

Grimmack’s master thumbs his nose at what’s legal, teaching his goblin servant how to employ magic. Grimmack gets up, does chores, casts a few spells and goes to sleep.

The daily routine comes to a screeching halt, though, when a Mage Hunter breaks down the door. The hunter’s there to arrest his master for using black magic, which puts Grimmack and his fellow apprentice in a sticky spot.

Grimmack must be careful when the hunter drafts him to help track down his master. If it is discovered he’s trained in the arcane arts, beheading is the easier outcome. The other option is a trip to the Burnt Tower, where the wizards are likely to take him apart and study him. Escape would be ideal – if it’s possible. And if the Mage Hunter captures and arrests his master, things could still circle back to bite Grimmack where the sun don’t shine.

What’s a magic-wielding goblin to do when all his choices are bad ones?