Friends, Lovers, & Family: Friends For Life Book 3

Friends, Lovers, & Family: Friends For Life Book 3

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Friends, Lovers, & Family: Friends For Life Book 3

“Ana, Michelle, and Becky are back. None of their lives are perfect, but they’re all happy, at the moment. As happens with life, all three have changes coming.

Ana and Jackie are living together, raising Laura. They’re all comfortable with their lives, but Jackie decides she wants to take things a step further. She wants to ask Ana to marry her. Only she’s not sure what Ana’s answer will be. Will Ana say yes to Jackie? If she does, what will Laura have to say?

Michelle and Linda are also living together. They’ve been through a lot together, especially with Michelle’s dad’s illness. Watching her dad go through this illness has made Michelle want a baby. This is something that she and Linda have discussed casually, but never made a decision on. What will Linda say now that Michelle decides it’s time to bring parenthood into their lives?

Becky has been dating Monica, and things seem to be moving along. But what will Becky do when thought of Ebony start to pop into her head and she realizes her feelings for the woman might not be gone like she thought they were? And if she decides she wants to try again with Ebony, will Ebony say yes? Or will her hurt at Becky ending things the way she did prevent her from trying again?

Come on back into the world of the three friends and see where their lives take them next!!

I have a new contributor on my books!! I want to welcome Angela Prappas into the Friends For Life world!!”