SHHH…NOT SO LOUD SERIES: For Women, But Smart Men Should Read

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SHHH...NOT SO LOUD SERIES: For Women, But Smart Men Should Read

So, why pay attention to the ticklish issue of female sexuality, in light of how busy women have become?

Women are far busier today than ever before. Many are breadwinners for their immediate and extended families, others are pursuing multiple interests alongside raising families and being a support to their partners, as well as contributing to the development of their communities, among others.

Not only are women striving to fulfill their various responsibilities, but are also confronted with the issue of their biological need to be and feel WOMAN. Unfortunately, the limited understanding of what female sexuality is, and the stigma associated with its free expression, keep women in the dark about their needs and how to help themselves. Sadly, for many women, this limits the experience of their sexuality to sexual intercourse, when it is so much more.

This book will help you, precious woman, to discover the gift of embodiment, which is the practice of being present in your body mentally, emotionally and physically. It will help you to discover the pleasure in your feminine expression, beyond the mere act of sex.