Romance is in...: One Question For True Love

Romance is in…: One Question For True Love

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Romance is in...: One Question For True Love

The series Romance is in… begins with the author, Carrie Garvin’s, novel, “One Question For True Love”. A sweet, wholesome love story that surrounds decisions of love and family while confronting unexpected situations.

Sarah Warren father’s, Last Will and Testament, states she must move to Vermont to live with her aunts. The is one major problem. Sarah is almost 30 years old and already has her roots planted in the Washington, D.C. area. She believes this must be one of the biggest cosmic jokes of all time. In Vermont is a family farm she hasn’t visited in years. She would have to leave her life as she has known it for most of her young adult life.

Each character will have his or her own plan to steer Sarah’s heart. Sarah’s cupid playing, pie making, aunts with their mischievous pup, will use their best strategies. Her once again college sweetheart, Ben, develops plots that unfold to keep her love, while her duo of best girlfriends tries to keep Sarah grounded. Then there is Jack. Sarah’s childhood summer friend turns up 15 years later and is taller, flirtier, and will turn Sarah’s world upside down. Each character will revisit generation old stories that built the love of family.