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We see only what we focus on.
Although what we don´t focus on can change our lives.

Six people. Six stories. And all of them strongly connected.

– An owner of a newspaper stall, who is drowning in troubles.
– A millionaire who has it all but the one thing he wants the most.
– A careerist with a dilemma.
– A womanizer who only looks at the world through money and sex.
– An overweight publisher looking for a bestseller.
– A young widow trying to save her son´s life.

Can these lives be connected as they are happening in different places all around the world?
What if they can’t exist without each other?
Is everyone looking for their own “Goodpoint”?

You may have missed a bus, or somebody cancelled a scheduled meeting.
You may have just not greeted someone on the street, or intentionally not pick up the phone.
You may have pushed someone by accident, or your car broke at the most inconvenient time.

Do you think these things are insignificant in life and do not mean anything? What if it is just the opposite?
What if life consists of seemingly insignificant things?