10 Minute Guru - Social Media: From Connection to Addiction

10 Minute Guru – Social Media: From Connection to Addiction

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10 Minute Guru - Social Media: From Connection to Addiction

The average person spends nearly 2 hours per day on social media which amounts to over 5 years of his or her lifetime. What are the implications of such a global phenomenon? What is the real impact on society, how can we make money from it and what does the future hold for our addictive swiping, scrolling and liking?

At 10 Minute Guru they’ve created a series of little reads. Short, unbiased and easy to understand books that can help you keep on top of the things you should know about, whether it’s the latest technology changing the world, an issue dividing public opinion, or a new superfood that could help you live longer. The books may take longer to read than their name suggests but they can assure you they won’t take hours.

And what of the authors of 10 Minute Guru? Sorry to say they’re not your typical Gurus from the foothills of the Himalayas. Instead they are a small team (just two to be honest) who following graduation from Cambridge, spent over a decade in the City working in Consulting and Finance perfecting the art of researching and distilling complex information. Looking to escape the rat race and realizing how their experience could help the time-poor and those thirsty to learn the idea of 10 Minute Guru was born.

In this little read you’ll learn:

How the concept of social media began and how it has evolved
What the impact is on society of social media and how the companies are driving our addiction
How you can make serious money from the social media platforms
What the future holds for social media

The kindle and print versions of this book also include the ‘Guru Toolkit’ listing a timeline of important dates, top tips for ‘healthy’ social media usage, how to keep your kids safe and interesting stats and facts on the top 10 global social media platforms. We’ve also included a step-by-step guide on how you can start making serious cash!