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A teenage scientist from Sri Lanka discovers a causal relationship between Dark Matter and clinical depression. As a child, Anoop Rajan is besotted with physics and the unseeable beauty of the infinitesimally small sub-atomic world to which he harbours a visceral connection. He is visited by the ephemeral form of the late Arthur C. Clarke who guides him towards the truth about Dark Matter

Anoop desperately needs research funding and hears about a group of well-intentioned philanthropists from the Swan Valley in Western Australia who are looking for a worthy cause to support.

Henry, a dedicated cosmologist and the leader of the project is also visited by Arthur C. Clarke and desperately wants to support the cause but has to content with in-fighting about where the funding should be spent.

The group is torn between investing in an orphanage, a renewable energy project or in the DarkMatter project :):). What will win emotion, logic or spirituality??