10 Minute Guru - Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Brother?

10 Minute Guru – Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Brother?

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10 Minute Guru - Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Brother?

Is Big Data the next big opportunity in human development or is Orwell’s Big Brother finally a reality? Well…it could be either and probably a bit of both. But do you even know what it is? How it’s helping you? And whether you should be more than a little worried?

At 10 Minute Guru they’ve created a series of little reads. Short, unbiased and easy to understand books that can help you keep on top of the things you should know about, whether it’s the latest technology changing the world, an issue dividing public opinion, or a new superfood that could help you live longer. The books may take longer to read than their name suggests but they can assure you they won’t take hours.

And what of the authors of 10 Minute Guru? Sorry to say they’re not your typical Gurus from the foothills of the Himalayas. Instead they are a small team (just two to be honest) who following graduation from Cambridge, spent over a decade in the City working in Consulting and Finance perfecting the art of researching and distilling complex information. Looking to escape the rat race and realizing how their experience could help the time-poor and those thirsty to learn the idea of 10 Minute Guru was born.

In this little read you’ll learn:

What makes data ‘Big’
How Big Data is being used to revolutionise driving, disease prevention and healthcare
How retailers know you are pregnant before your family members
Why Big Data is used as an economic indicator
How even anonymised data sets present a risk to your personal security
Why algorithms are perpetuating cycles of poverty
Why curated content is making us blander
Why the film Minority Report may become a reality

The kindle and print versions of this book also include the ‘Guru Toolkit’ listing recommended books and documentaries, a timeline of important dates and quotes, a jargon buster and useful social media accounts to follow.