Join Positive Thoughts: Positive thoughts from different people around the world

Join Positive Thoughts: Positive thoughts from different people around the world

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Join Positive Thoughts: Positive thoughts from different people around the world

Join Positive Thoughts!
This idea came up 2016 in the last days of september.
After years of travelling and learning about the life, it has been a magnificent time to complete one of my dreams which is writing my own book!
So i remember that it was just an idea ’’What if i create a book where are people writing something positive in my book’’
So next morning me and my friend were searching for the store where we could buy a blank book. And offcourse a new pen for this project ?
And then we started…we started asking randomly people on the street to write something positive, something inspirering for all human beings.
We explained, that we are making a book where we are collecting positive thoughts from different people arround the world’’…And then we just asked’’
Could you please write something positive in this book, something beautiful for the people all over the world. Something what can motivate you,
something what makes you happy…anything what comes in your mind, it just has to be positive!’’
On the first day we met two ladies enjoying the beautiful park in Rapperswil (Switzerland).
So we desided to talk with them. We Introduced ourselves and we felt blessed to have a conversation with a 99 year old lady! That was just amazing!
That was the moment when i felt that this is actually what people need to remember:
WE ARE LOVE! It makes me feel good to ask for positive thoughts from different people arround the world.

Heidi, 99 yo. Zürich (Switzerland) 30.09.2016’’

This book has been visiting people, in different stores, hotels, random people on the streets in different cities and countries.
Driving all over, seeing people smiling and shining when they were thinking about what life makes special.
A Lot of beautiful memories, and a lot of amazing reactions when people heard about that idea. They enjoyed being a part of it.
Some people didn t find nothing inspireing, nothing beautiful, nothing special in their lifes. That is why I want to share it!
There were so many positive people which liked my idea and they wanted to be part of this book.
Lets just share positive thoughts with the people, because that is what people need.

Life isn`t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself!!
(Seila, 21 yo. Switzerland)

By doing this book, i reached people from the age of 10 up to 99 years old. With different nationalities, different religions and different cultures.
This book has been in Switzerland, Liechenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Andorra, Monaco and Spain.
And of course some people had to write in their own language to express their ’’positive thought’’ ?

’’Do what you love and live your dreams. Take care of your friends and family and your life will be worth living and a blessing for others.’’
Patrizia 20y from Germany

So i cut out all of the thoughts to keep them originally, written by people themselve. I hope you like what you read and it will make you see that life has beauty in it!