Sweet Promise (The Grahams Book 1)

Sweet Promise (The Grahams Book 1)

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Sweet Promise (The Grahams Book 1)


The new show I’d been offered would change everything. I could make the money I so desperately needed to save our family home and get a chance to work with one of the greatest celebrity chefs in the business.

My agent said that it was time to change my image…time for the girl-next-door to grow up. Her plan was working.

There was nothing wholesome about the effect my sexy co-host was having on me.


Things had spiraled out of control. Public humiliation, drunken partying, sleeping around…even my chef buddies thought it was too much, and that was saying something coming from that crowd.

I had a chance to turn things around and save my image by co-hosting a show with America’s sweetheart.

I thought my beautiful co-host would be a welcome distraction from my troubles. I got a lot more than I bargained for.


When the girl next door meets Britain’s bad boy, sparks will fly. For Georgia, though, letting go could mean getting burned.

The Graham family series explores the lives of three siblings, Georgia, her twin brother Rome, and older sister Celia. A standalone novel, Sweet Promise is the first book in the series.